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Berber Carpet Guys offers durable, stain resistant, aesthetically appealing and comfortable Berber carpets. Berber carpets from Berber Carpet Guys carpet tend not to absorb spills, allowing you to blot them up. Our carpets are aesthetically appealing and attractive: They are of unique designs and color schemes. We have a range of all colors. Our Berber carpets often have a flecked color scheme giving them a great ability to adapt to multiple interior design schemes. Berber Carpet Guys is renowned in the region for making quality and affordable Berber carpets



Berber Carpet Guys provides you with Berber carpets of a great value. The carpets therefore vary in prices more especially with the fabric used. We ensure that we have the most competitive and fair piecing among all our competitors. Our prices are competitive and we assure you professionalism in installing the carpets.



In our installation we consider the following factors that we believe are key to barber Carpet installation. We consider professionalism; our workers are highly trained and qualified; they will do the installation as per your expectation and will always ensure that they are updated with the current market trends. Berber Carpet Guys considers timeliness; we therefore ensure any order and installation is done with the timelines agreed upon with the customer.

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Berber Carpet

Our Berber Carpets are Comfortable they provide a cushiony feel under your feet. In this regard we have wool, nylon, and Olefin and polyester varieties.

Wool is a natural fiber derived from sheep. Wool is the most expensive fiber and while it is very soft and durable. It is a proof of quality and class. Berber Carpet Guys goes as far as offering professional cleaners and installers who ensure that your carpet is well installed and maintained. You can request for the cleaners through 888-303-1876. Wool carpet can last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Nylon is a very durable fiber and in Berber Carpet Guys it is less costly than wool. Nylon cleans easily and resists stains very well. Nylon has the ability to retain its like-new appearance longer than any other synthetic fiber. Depending on your amount of foot traffic in your home, a good quality Nylon carpet can last up to 20 years or more if well cared for.

Olefin is the least costly fiber to consider. Olefin fiber is prone to matting and crushing because it is not very resilient. During the manufacturing process the fiber becomes oily and while they try to remove as much of the oil through a multiple rinsing process, it is difficult to do. The residual oil on the fiber tends to attract dirt and makes the carpet difficult to keep clean. Home owners often complain saying that stains tend to reappear a few days after a professional steam cleaning. This is not the same for Berber Carpet Guys because our manufacturers have modern technology and manufacture the products having the customer in mind. At Berber Carpet Guys Berber carpets made with Olefin are very reasonably priced but generally only last up to 10 years if well cared for and traffic is low to medium. You can order our services by calling 888-303-1876 or visiting us.

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